GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (11.03.2024)

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (11.03.2024)

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Q.1 When is the World’s Diabetes Day?

(A) 1st July

(B) 14th November

(C) 11th December

(D) 15th October

Ans:-  (B)

Q.2 When did Margaret Thatcher became the first women Prime Minister of Britain?

(A) 1800

(B) 1988

(C) 1979

(D) 1989

Ans:- (C)

Q.3 The capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is:

(A) Kavaratti

(B) Silvassa

(C) Dispur

(D) Daman

Ans:- (B)

Q.4 When there is a decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the blood, the breathing rate:

(A) increases

(B) first increases and then decreases

(C) decreases

(D) is not affected

Ans:-  (A)

Q.5 What is the normal red blood count per cubic mm?

(A) 5 million red blood cells

(B) 2 million red blood cells

(C) 4 million red blood cells

(D) 3 million red blood cells

Ans:-  (C)

Q.6 The term ‘Steeplechase’ is associated with:

(A) Boxing

(B) Chess

(C) Rowing

(D) Horse Racing

Ans:- (D)

Q.7 When did France become Republic?

(A) 1789 AD

(B) 1792 AD

(C) 1729 AD

(D) 1798 AD

Ans:- (B)

Q.8 When did Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin of Russia, the first man to reach space, reached space?

(A) 1960

(B) 1961

(C) 1962

(D) 1963

Ans:- (B)

Q.9 By the Act of 1858, the powers of the Board of Control and the Court of Directors were transferred to __________?

(A) The Secretary of State

(B) Commander-in-Chief

(C) Viceroy

(D) Parliament

Ans: (A)

Q. 10 Which is the most stable ecosystem?

(A) Desert

(B) Ocean

(C) Mountain

(D) Forest

Ans: (B)

Q.11 Which of the following rivers of India makes an Estuary?

(A) Ganga

(B) Narmada

(C) Krishna

(D) Cauvery

Ans: (B)

Q.12 Which Article of the Constitution provides freedom to manage religious affairs

(A) Article 28

(B) Article 27

(C) Article 26

(D) Article 25

Ans: (C)

Q.13  Which coasts of India is most affected by violent Tropical Cyclones?

(A) Malabar

(B) Gujarat

(C) Konkan

(D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans: (D)

Q.14 The Parliament or a state legislature can declare a seat vacant if a member absents himself without permission from the sessions for:

(A) 120 days

(B) 90 days

(C) 60 days

(D) 30 days

Ans: (C)

Q.15 In which game, “Chinaman” is used:

(A) Cricket

(B) Football

(C) Chess

(D) Judo

Ans: (A)

Q.16 The states of Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya were formed in

(A) The year 1977

(B) The year 1976

(C) The year 1975

(D) The year 1972

Ans: (D)

Q.17 Prohibition of traffic in human being and forced labour is laid down in:

(A) Article 23

(B) Article 33

(C) Article 63

(D) Article 83

Ans: (A)

Q.18 Before entering upon his office, the President has to take an oath or an affirmation, which is administered by –

(A) The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs

(B) The Chief Justice of India

(C) The Chief Election Commissioner

(D) The Vice-President

Ans: (B)

Q.19 The 52nd Amendment to the Constitution:

(A) Anti-defections Law

(B) Extended reservation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes till 1990

(C) Provided an Autonomous District Council in Tripura

(D) None of the Above

Ans: (A)

Q.20 Madrid is the Capital City of ________.

 (A) Philippines

(B) Maldives

(C) Spain

(D)  United Kingdom

Ans: (C)

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