GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (24.02.2024)

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (24.02.2024)

         Knowledge ka daily dose…

Q.1 In 1958, who became the first Indian to receive Ramon Magsaysay Award?

(A) Jai Prakash Narain

(B) Vinoba Bhave

(C) Baba Amte

(D) Satyajit Ray

Ans:- (B)

Q.2 Which term is used to describe the rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk?

(A) Apiculture

(B) Sericulture

(C) Viticulture

(D) Horticulture

Ans:- (B)

Q.3 At the time of independence, who was the president of Indian National Congress?

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Sardar Patel

(D) J.B.Kriplani

Ans:- (D)

Q.4 Which metal is the best conductor of electric current?

(A) Copper

(B) Gold

(C) Silver

(D) Aluminium

Ans:-  (C)

Q.5 Vishvambhar Mishra was the original name of which spiritual guru?

(A) Swami Vivekananda

(B) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

(C) Swami Dayanand Saraswati

(D) Swami Prabhupada

Ans:- (B)

Q.6 What is the popular name of Ascorbic acid?

(A) Vitamin D

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin A

Ans:-  (C)

Q.7 Who was the first person to address the United Nations in Hindi?

(A) Atal Behari Vajpayee

(B) P.V.Narasimha Rao

(C) Morarji Desai

(D) V.P.Singh

Ans:- (A)

Q.8 Which city did Sikandar Lodi founded in 1504 on the banks of Yamuna river?

(A) Agra

(B) Mathura

(C) Delhi

(D) Allahabad

Ans:-  (A)

Q.9 Who coined the name `Pakistan’?

(A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

(B)  Allama Iqbal

(C) Liaquat Ali Khan

(D) Chaudhary Rahmat Ali

Ans:-  (D)

Q.10 Which of the following gland is responsible for the secretion of insulin?

(A) Pancrease

(B) Pituitary

(C) Pineal

(D) Thymus

Ans:- (A)

Q.11 Insulin is discovered by:

(A) Linak   

(B) Banting & Best

(C) Jenner

(D) Waksman

Ans:-  (B)

Q.12 When did USA join World War I?

(A) August 1914

(B) December 1914

(C) May 1916

(D) April 1917

Ans:- (D)

Q.13 The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian sub-continent comes from?

(A) Koldihwa

(B) Tokwa

(C) Lahuradeva

(D) Mehrgarh

Ans:- (D)

Q.15 Islets of Langerhans is situated in –

(A) Liver

(B) Spleen

(C)  Pancreas

(D) Brain

Ans:-  (C)

Q.16 Who possibly ruled during the Indus Valley Civilisation?

(A) An assembly of elders

(B) Merchants

(C) Kings

(D) Priests

Ans:-  (B)

Q.17 Corpus luteum is a mass of cells found

(A) Spleen

(B) Brain

(C) Ovary

(D) Pancreas

Ans:-  (C)

Q.18 Titan is a moon of

(A) Saturn

(B) Jupiter

(C) Mars

(D) Uranus

Ans:- (A)

Q.19 Voltmeter is device used to measure

(A) Current

(B) Resistance

(C) Potential difference

(D) Intensity of electric shock

Ans:- (C)

Q.20 The Richter Scale is used to measure the intensity of

(A) Earthquakes

(B) Volcanic eruptions

(C) T sunamis

(D) Tornados

Ans:- (A)

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