GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (27.02.2024)

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 20-20 (27.02.2024)

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Q1. The powers of the Board of Control and the Court of Directors were transferred to by the Act of 1858:

(A) The Secretary of State

(B) Parliament

(C) Viceroy

(D) Commander-in-Chief

Ans:-  (A)

Q.2 The Governor-General was given the power to issue ordinances by the act of?

(A) 1871

(B) 1860

(C) 1861

(D) 1851

Ans:- (C)

Q.3 Which of the following was a popular slogan of French revolution?

(A) Freedom, Equality and Accountability

(B) Sovereign Democratic Republic

(C) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

(D) Freedom, Equality and Accountability

Ans:- (C)

Q.4 The impeachment process of President of India is adopted from:-

(A) France


(C) UK


Ans:- (D)

Q.5 From where Indian Constitution have borrowed the Parliamentary form of Government?

(A) America

(B) Ireland

(C) British

(D) Russia

Ans:- (C)

Q.6 In which state is Hutti Gold Mine situated?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Orissa

(C) West Bengal

(D) Maharashtra

Ans:- (A)

Q.7 Black Forests are found in?

(A) Rumania

(B) Germany

(C) France

(D) Spain

Ans:- (B)

Q.8 Which one of the following is a warm ocean current?

(A) Kuroshio

(B) Labrador

(C) Canary

(D) Kurile

Ans:- (A)

Q.9 In geography ‘Gulf Stream’refers to?

(A) the name of a stream

(B) the strong air current

(C) Streams joining a gulf

(D) a warm ocean current

Ans:- (D)

Q.10 Which country is the largest producer of uranium in the world?

(A) Kazakhstan


(C) Canada

(D) South Africa

Ans:- (A)

Q.11 The Name of Ram Prasad Bismil is associated with?

(A) Alipore Conspiracy Case

(B) Kanpur Conspiracy Case

(C) Meerut Conspiracy Case

(D) Kakori Conspiracy Case

Ans:- (D)

Q.12 The Cape of Good Hope was discovered by?

(A) Vasco-da-Gama

(B) Almedia

(C) Albuquerque Diaz

(D) Bartolomeu Dias

Ans:- (D)

Q.13 Which of the following states is called ‘Tiger State’ of India?

(A) Madhya Pradesh

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Assam

Ans:- (A)

Q.14 The longest sea beach in India is:–

(A) Chapora beach

(B) Aksa beach

(C) Diu beach

(D) Marina beach

Ans:- (D)

Q.15 Rainfall caused by intense evaporation in equatorial areas is called _____________.

(A) Orographic rainfall

(B) Cyclonic rainfall

(C) Frontal rainfall

(D) Convectional rainfall

Ans:- (D)

Q.16 The Andaman is separated from Nicobar by which water body?

(A) 11° channel

(B) 10° Channel

(C) Palk Strait

(D) Gulf of Mannar

Ans:- (B)

Q.17 Which of the following is not a commercial source of energy?

(A) Firewood

(B) Petrolium

(C) Natural Gas

(D) Coal

Ans:- (A)

Q.18 The main effect of Direct Taxes is on:-

(A) Income

(B) Consumer goods

(C) Capital goods

(D) Food Price

Ans:- (A)

Q.19 The largest reserve of crude oil is in which of the following country:

(A) Venezuela

(B) Kuwait

(C) Iran

(D) Iraq

Ans:- (A)

Q.20 In Rajasthan, Mount Abu, famous for Jain temples is known for:

(A) Abu temple

(B) Marble temple

(C) Ranakpura temple

(D) Dilwara temple

Ans:- (D)

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